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  5. "Good evening!"

"Good evening!"

Translation:Jó estét!

July 3, 2016



I thought "jó estét kívánok" was considered to mean "good evening" in a previous answer. Do they both mean "good evening"?


"jó estét kívánok" if you try to translate correctly means - i wish you a good evening. If you'd like to say only good evening it will be: jó estét


Jó estét literally means good evening. Jó estét kivánok means "I wish you a good evening"


Both are correct. Adding "kívánok" is more polite and informal.


Is there any order to build the sentences?


I don't understand you're question. Are you talking about sentence order?

If so, in Hungarian no, there is no sentence order. Though there is a "natural order," that is, there is an order you should follow if you want you sentence to sound natural and not really weird.

This however is a set phrase, so you should not change it. That goes for other "good" phrase as well, such as "jó reggelt, jó északát," and so on.


carpentini, that is a good question. thanks for asking.


"Jo estet " isnt enough for "good evening"?


'Jó estét' is enough to say 'good evening'. But in more formal and polite form you can use 'Jó estét kivánok!' (I wish you good evening!).


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jó estét - also means Good Evening!


Why is this language not as user friendly as the spanish lessons? My family heritage is hungarian, I thought it would be fun to learn, but there is no pronunciations in basic. Therefore. Hard to learn. Hope it is upgraded in the future!


It's in beta, isn't it? Most people consider it a harder language than Spanish. FSI rated Spanish as Category I, but Hungarian as Category IV+, with Category V+ Japanese being the hardest for English speakers.


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