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"This is your shadow."

Translation:Esta es tu sombra.

4 years ago



Can anybody tell me why it's esta?

4 years ago


Both "esto" and "esta" could be correct here, depending on context. (Though I personally would use "ésta", because I was taught that the non-neuter demonstrative pronouns get accents. Which is apparently kind of a fuddy-duddy rule that hasn't been commonly observed by most people for decades. OTOH, El País, the leading paper of Madrid, still keeps the faith.)

http://spanish.about.com/od/pronouns/a/demonstrative_pronouns.htm http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/demonstratives.htm

Anyways, you could be saying: { This abstract and previously undiscussed thing } is your shadow. Esto es tu sombra.

Alternately, you might have more context: Yo veo dos sombras en el pared. Esta es tu sombra. Y esa es mi sombra. I see two shadows on the wall. This is your shadow. And that's my shadow.

In the latter case, when we get to "esta", it's clear that I'm referring back to the earlier-mentioned "dos sombras". Since "sombra" is feminine, we use "esta".

4 years ago

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Sombra is feminine and esta is the feminine form of "this"

4 years ago


I put Esto and it was accepted.

4 years ago


Why would 'su' not work here as well?

4 years ago


it would

4 years ago


I used 'su' and it was correct. However I was wondering if anyone ever uses this still since it seems the usted form is not used very often anymore. Unless they are talking to their boss maybe?

4 years ago

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Does sombrero come from sombra? It makes a lot of sense that it would! :)

4 years ago