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  5. "An orange or an apple?"

"An orange or an apple?"

Translation:תפוז או תפוח?

July 3, 2016



If my translation התפוז או התפוח is wrong, how would you say then "orange or apple"? I thought the "ה" was "the".


But the indefinite article "a" is used here, so you can't use the word "the". If it was "The orange or the apple", then the translation would be "התפוז או התפוח).


In this case you do not use the articles


Even if the particular question is not testing listening or pronunciation, I wish we would always be given the pronunciation after our response, even it is here in the comments section.


Fun fact: The word תפוז in Hebrew is a combination of the word תפוח (an apple) and זהב (zahav-gold) תפו(ח)+ז(הב)=תפוז


I need app for typing. ..any help...thanks


You don't need another app. The app you're already using for typing should offer Hebrew, too. Check the settings.


If you use the dictation feature to translate a sentence such as this, say siman she’ela when you’re done and a question mark will appear because siman she’ela means “question mark”.

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