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  5. "A szakács belép az ebédlőbe."

"A szakács belép az ebédlőbe."

Translation:The cook steps into the dining room.

July 3, 2016



The cook enters the dining room.


Is "belép" actually used as "to enter"? And is "lép" actually used? Because in English I can't think of many situations I would actually use "to step".


Yes, and yes.
"To step" is "lépni". The noun version is "lépés".
"One step forward, two steps backward" - "Egy lépés előre, két lépés hátra"
"A small step for me..." - "Egy kis lépés nekem..."
"Please step forward" - "Kérlek, lépj előre"

To enter/join a group, to become a member, is also "belépni".

To just generally enter a building or other place is more generally "bemenni". But when you "make an entrance", that is, when it is a little bit more emphasized, you can say "belép".
Imagine a guided tour of some castle, and the guide says "As we enter the next room..." or "As we step into the next room..." - "Ahogy belépünk a következő szobába..."
You can also "lép" in chess. "I make a move" - "(Én) lépek".


This is a very good answer :-), thank you!


Does ebédlő also mean "lunchroom," like in a school?


Yes, very much so.

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