"A nagy zöld bogár felfut falra a kép mellé."

Translation:The big green bug is running up onto the wall next to the picture.

July 3, 2016

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A good example of the practical usage of the word order: And especially of when to separate the preverb (prefix) from the verb.

the bug is running up onto the wall - "a bogár fut fel a falra" / "fut fel a bogár a falra"

the bug runs up onto the wall - a bogár felfut a falra

"Felfut" is kind of a completed action. (Refer to telicity) - So, naturally, it translates to a simple tense in English, not a progressive/continuous tense. As a general guideline. I dare not say rule, and I am definitely not saying that this is a strict rule. Really just a guideline.


Thank you for the explanation!


Kimaradt az a tetves névelő a magyar mondatból… :-(

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    The correct meaning of 'kép' keeps changing throughout this course. Sometimes only "photo" is accepted, sometimes only "picture" is accepted. This kind of inconsistency has made this course a living hell.

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