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"Sok színes kacsa úszik a széles, mély folyón."

Translation:Many colorful ducks are swimming in the wide, deep river.

July 3, 2016



It is a bit annoying that only literal translations are accepted. In English somebody or something can legally swim "in" a river too. And don't tell me that the Hungarian is not "a folyóban", I think that here "in" is more appropriate than "on".


Ducks do swim ON the water and not IN. They're on the surface and not submerged. (apart from their little legs.)


The point is, in English, it's proper to say in the water.


Definitely in the river even though they are floating. „On the river“ suggests something geographically associated with the river, since this is an idiomatic use, as in place names such as Stoke-on-Trent or Stratford-upon-Avon. So in my humble opinion ducks would be common on but swim in the river.


Maybe on the water, but we are talking about a river here.


Isn't a river water too? :)


Kacsa is from Ukrainian kachka


------- is canard from ukrain, too ? or romanian rata ? . . .

Big 23 feb 19


It's of Slavic origin, but not specifically known to be from Ukrainian. A similar word exists in most Slavic language varieties (e.g. Polish kacza).


Sometimes I say "in the river" and for me that means very fine

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