"Unfortunately, he is not well."

Translation:Sajnos nincs jól.

July 3, 2016

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when do you use nem, and when do you use nincs?


Nem is not or no, nincs is the negation of van.


Extremely helpful, thank you.


"nincs" is only used for saying 'nem + van', so only for the negation of the verb "lenni" in the third singular person. Please, native speakers and advanced learners, correct me if I'm wrong.


Is there any reason that the word order is different here to another very similar sentence that's also in this lesson?

"Sajnos nem vagyok jól." as opposed to "Sajnos nem jól van."


No reason, they just want to show that the word order is free: Sajnos nem jól vagyok is OK too.


If you are so intrested in how correct is the answer, I am hungarian and I say that "nem jól van" would be better as "nincs jól". Because "nem van" is not the best collocation. :-) Just a little hint :-) EDIT: But "Sajnos nem vagyok jól." is correct as it is.


Nem jól vagyok sajnos. Sajnos nem jól vagyok. Nem vagyok jól sajnos. Sajnos nem vagyok jól. Nem vagyok sajnos jól.


All these sentences mean the same?? You can use the one you prefer? Or there is a correct one?


"nincs" translating to "there's no" doesn't explain it enough. In this sentence, it means "he/she/it is not". "nem van jól" => "nincs jól"


that is true, the hover over description cannot always encompass all the use cases. I suggest you to often check the Tips & Notes, as they give a more detailed, but brief explanation.


Why is "Sajnos nem jol vagyok " not correct?


Sajnos nincs jól sounds incorrect to me. My guess would be Ő sajnos nem jól for this sentence.

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    I used "Sajnos, ő nem jól" but was incorrect. Can someone say how to say it if you wanted to use "ő" ?

    [deactivated user]

      In retrospect, "ő" is implied in the correct form "Sajnos (ő) nincs jól" right? therefore "nem" really doesn't work here ( in place of "nincs" ) does it?! Can "nem" and/or "ő" still be used to get the same meaning? how?

      [deactivated user]

        "Sajnos ő nincs jól" worked!

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