"I do not find dinner."

Translation:Én nem találok vacsorát.

July 3, 2016

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I know Hungarian has relatively free word order but "nem vacsorát találok" is wrong .... is that because "nem" can't be separated from the verb? Would "Vacsorát nem találok" be acceptable?


"nem vacsorát találok" is not wrong, it just means something else. It means "It's not dinner that I find (implied: but something else)" "Vacsorát nem találok" isn't wrong either but it changes the emphasis. It means "It's dinner that I do not find (implied: but I do find something else)"


Righto I get it- it's about emphasis (Wikipedia actually explains it quite well). Will report


These are all correct, but it's hard to put all the possible variations of sentences during development stage, just report it.


Can we say: "Nem találok vacsorát"?

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