"Nem akarok jeget látni."

Translation:I do not want to see ice.

July 3, 2016



I don't like Frozen too...

July 3, 2016


Why is it "latni" in this case? I cant surely see an definite Conjugation.

I think "ice" isnt a definince conjugation. Shouldn´t it be: Nem akarok jeget latok?

Or am I wrong and latni doesn´t have something to do with an Definite Conjugation?

What are the differences between:

ker(ek), kerni, akarok, szeret(ek)

August 29, 2017


Does the pronunciation sound strange on this one to anyone else? The "rok" at the end of "akarok" sounded like a new word to me.

July 10, 2016


It sounds fine to me.

July 11, 2016
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