"Az eladó nem magas, hanem alacsony."

Translation:The seller is not tall, but short.

July 3, 2016



Woah! I was sure that clerk would be correct translation, I think it should be accepted

July 30, 2016


I reported it. What is a "seller"? I would never say that in English without specifying what kind of "seller", and even then, I'd probably say shop attendant, store attendant, sales attandant, sales clerk etc, or just "guy/girl/woman/man/dude (who works) in the shop".

September 7, 2016


"The sales clerk is not tall, but rather short." was also accepted as correct. I think that "salesman", "saleswoman", "sales attendent" and "sales assistant" should also be added as correct alternatives. I don't know how many alternatives that they have space for though.

October 4, 2016


seller in British English is someone selling a house or car, as a one-ff, not a salesman/woman or shop/sales assistant which is/are the correct (English) word(s) here

September 10, 2016


isn't it weird how English doesn't have a word for "sales clerk" (like does anyone ever say that?) btw I googled eladó and it didn't give me a single picture of a sales clerk?

July 3, 2016


"eladó" also means "for sale". google for "bolti eladó" (bolt=shop) and you'll find the pictures of the salesmen/-persons/clerks. :)

July 3, 2016


"for sale" means 'eladó', but is for example the house. So "The for sale is not tall..." sentence does not make sense.

July 19, 2016


I didn't say, that "for sale" should be a good translation in this context. :) I wrote it as an explanation why LICA98 didn't get any picture of a sales clerk when he/she googled the "eladó" word.

August 3, 2016


I use regularly sales clerk to describe the person who scans my items when I go to a convenience store.

The movie Clerks was named after this role.

July 3, 2016


I would say that person is a "cashier". But "clerk" or "shopkeeper" should also be accepted.

July 5, 2016


imo the simplest answer is: 'eladó' is any person who works in a store and whose main job is to sell stuff, compared to like a manager, who is not 'eladó', so it's about what the person's job is tonia.jam is correct too, in that it also means "for sale" "Az eladó odajött hozzám" = "The sales clerk came over to me" (noun) "Az autó eladó" = "The car is for sale" (gerund; functions as an adjective, but formed from a verb)

July 15, 2016


Isn't seller a good choice here?

July 8, 2016


It could work but, I think seller would imply an independent owner selling their possession rather than a person employed by a company in a sales position.

July 28, 2016


yes, that means the same thing but still the word sounds a bit weird to me

July 8, 2016


"The salesclerk isn't tall but is short." This is correct so don't sell me short! Also, Americans who work as underpaid retail automatons are usually referred to by inaccurate misnomers, i.e. customer service representatives, client care providers and such similar rot...

August 23, 2016


I don't know if it's still the case, but I had friends who worked at Subway and when you start off as the basic behind the counter sales clerk, your job title is "sandwich artist".

One of my friends had a colleague who had a customer complain about how the sub was not put together properly and this colleague just stared at her blankly and said "I'm a sandwich artist. That is art. I'm going through my abstract phase."

September 7, 2016
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