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"Az eladó nem magas, hanem alacsony."

Translation:The seller is not tall, but short.

July 3, 2016



Woah! I was sure that clerk would be correct translation, I think it should be accepted


I reported it. What is a "seller"? I would never say that in English without specifying what kind of "seller", and even then, I'd probably say shop attendant, store attendant, sales attandant, sales clerk etc, or just "guy/girl/woman/man/dude (who works) in the shop".


"The sales clerk is not tall, but rather short." was also accepted as correct. I think that "salesman", "saleswoman", "sales attendent" and "sales assistant" should also be added as correct alternatives. I don't know how many alternatives that they have space for though.


seller in British English is someone selling a house or car, as a one-ff, not a salesman/woman or shop/sales assistant which is/are the correct (English) word(s) here


Please accept shopkeeper! A seller is not right in British English.

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