"Az eladó nem magas, hanem alacsony."

Translation:The salesperson is not tall, but short.

July 3, 2016

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Woah! I was sure that clerk would be correct translation, I think it should be accepted


I reported it. What is a "seller"? I would never say that in English without specifying what kind of "seller", and even then, I'd probably say shop attendant, store attendant, sales attandant, sales clerk etc, or just "guy/girl/woman/man/dude (who works) in the shop".


"The sales clerk is not tall, but rather short." was also accepted as correct. I think that "salesman", "saleswoman", "sales attendent" and "sales assistant" should also be added as correct alternatives. I don't know how many alternatives that they have space for though.


seller in British English is someone selling a house or car, as a one-ff, not a salesman/woman or shop/sales assistant which is/are the correct (English) word(s) here


If I were to describe him as somewhere in the middle, could I say:

Az eladó nem magas, hanem nem alacsony.


Errrrr... while I do not think that it would be gramatically incorrect, it is awkward. "Hanem" is supposed to convey that "it is not x, but rather y", while in your case you are trying to say "neither x, nor y".
If someone is average height, we could say "nem magas, hanem átlagos magasságú."
If you want to go with the "neither tall, nor short" approach, then could say "se nem magas, se nem alacsony".


Please accept shopkeeper! A seller is not right in British English.


Why magas and not maga?


"magas" means "tall".
"maga" is a form of personal pronoun.


a and az, how to use it?


They are definite articles. You use "a" when the next word starts with a consonant, and "az" when the next word starts with a vowel. This can be seen in the "tips" section on "basic 1" lesson, though you will need to use the website to see the tips.


I thought eladó meant ice cream at first!

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