Translation:The west

July 3, 2016

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why was 'sunset' disallowed when 'zachód słońca' means sunset


Of course Polish word for West is deeply connected to the sunset, but just the word zachód, does not mean exactly "sunset". just "set".


In Ukranian, it's захід zakhid, so I could have gotten this one right even without knowing it.


Does this mean the cardinal direction west or does it the west as in the western world?


It can mean both, same as in English.


I answered "west" and it wasn't accepted. Strange. The article isn't always required in English. For example: "Which way is west?" The answer would be: "West is that way." You non native English speakers are causing me stress!


Just "West" is listed as an accepted answer, and it should have worked.

All exercises with just a standalone noun/noun phrase, outside of any sentence, should accept English answers without any article.

You clicked the "Homophone should be accepted for listening exercise" option when reporting this. I'm not sure what happened...

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