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  5. "Kérek jeget."

"Kérek jeget."

Translation:I would like some ice.

July 3, 2016



kerem and kerek ,,,, whats the difference ?


In this case something like: I want (a thing)=Kérek. I want (the thing)=Kérem. So for example: I want an apple = Kérek egy almát. I want the apple=Kérem az almát. For a somewhat more difficult example involving ice: I would like some ice = Kérek jeget. I would like that piece of ice=Kérem azt a darab jeget.


De sound track sounds like "kere kieget" and not "kerek jeget". Is it normal?


Does it? an ie diphtong isn't fundamentally different from je - now, Hungarian doesn't have diphtongs and it clearly sounds like 4 syllables altogether... so I wouldn't say it sounds like kieget.


i'd like to have ice doesn't work.

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