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"Ezek a halak tengerekben és folyókban is úsznak."

Translation:These fish swim in seas and rivers too.

July 3, 2016



Have you ever heard of this English word: "ALSO"?


Yes, it means: is, szintén, ugyanúgy in Hungarian.


Úgy van. De itt nem fogadják el.


Anything wrong with 'are swimming'?

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Yes, I put 'are swimming' too. It works sometimes but not always.


Is my answer so wrong? These fishes swim in the seas and rivers too. And: Is "these fish swim" correct?


The plural of fish is usually fish. I think "these fish swim" is correct (but I am not an English native speaker). And there is no article with "tengerekben".


:-) Thank you! What i don't understand is not the plural or singular use of fish or fishes, but the mixture. I miss the S of swimS if it is only fish. What i learned as a not native is: This fish swimS - for singular and plural and These fishes swim? Is there a special rule in this case? And the other thing is, that the plural was marked wrong. I thought, both versions are correct in plural. (fish and fishes)


Fish as a plural is treated the same as any other plural.
This fish swims (one fish only)
These fish swim
These fishes swim (multiple species of fish; not as commonly used as the above but you can report if it doesn't accept it)

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