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  5. "בן זוגי מבשל לי אוכל טעים."

"בן זוגי מבשל לי אוכל טעים."

Translation:My partner cooks me tasty food.

July 3, 2016



Shouldn't that be "cooks FOR me" instead of "cooks me"?


That would be מבשל בשבילי


True; and this course usually errs on the side of literalness in order to give us hints about how to construct the Hebrew sentence. But I agree with Mika that "cooks for me" is much better English. "Cooks me food" just sounds odd. It's one of those things that are not technically wrong, but it doesn't quite sound natural.


Yes, this is a big problem with a computer program teaching a language. It's sometimes difficult to find the line between translating it literally, which is often awkward, and freely, which many times differs from the original.


בן זוג does not mean boyfriend? Only partner? Then why was בת זוג girlfriend? :/


zz בן זוג can mean anything from boyfriend to husband. Personally 'boyfriend' (or 'girlfriend' for בת זוג) are not great translations as they exclude the option of him being her fiancé or husband. Partner is probably better.


I'm assuming it means either boyfriend or partner when applicable.


בן זוגי = my dear half - So no clear meaning Or as i use to say my dear three quaters


Why is בן זוג שלי מבשל לי אוכל טעים incorrect? Can´t we say בן זוג שלי instead of בן זוגי ?


ll בן הזוג שלי should be accepted.


Now I wonder why we do not need the definite article in
בן זוגי


Because pronominal suffixes make the word definite, so ה becomes redundant.


is it typical for israelis to connect the " מ"in mivashel to the " ' " in zugi in speech to make it sound like zugim


Yes - like in any language, I guess, when speaking you rarely pause at the end of words.


Why is "My partner cooks me a tasty food" wrong? (My first language is Spanish, not English)


That is a good question, but it's about English, not Hebrew. Almost always, "food" is a general noun (like water, air, mathematics) that never has an indefinite article (a/an). BUT just sometimes people talk about "foods" meaning different kinds of food -- for example, you might say "A balanced diet consists of various foods" -- and in that case you could talk about one of them as "a food".

But: (1) to say "a tasty food" would sound quite strange to English (UK) ears, and (2) I don't know whether אוכל can be used in the same way, I suspect it can't. You can say "a tasty dish" in English, meaning a specific kind of food -- Morfix gives תַּבְשִׁיל, מַאֲכָל, מָנָה for this, but not אוכל . I hope that answers your question -- please excuse the long answer!


Thank you a lot, now it's clearer to me! I prefer a long good answer that a short one that doesn't satisfy me.


Ben zugi mevashel li okhel taim.

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some times your translations into English leave much to be desired. In short you grammar is incorrect or not proper.

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