"Nem mi lépünk ide, hanem ti."

Translation:It's not us who step here, but you.

July 3, 2016

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Just an awkward thing for an English speaker to say.


"Us" is the object, the subject is "we". In Hungarian you do not say "nem minket...". I reckon in everyday speaking nearly everybody would say"us", but I wouldn't, and "we" should be accepted too. After all, it is the only correct answer, from a strictly grammatical point of view.


That's a very strict view on grammar you have there :D but true "we" should be accepted too.


That's not fair. I said I know 99% would say "us", and I am by no means saying it is not acceptable. I just say that not accepting "we" is unacceptable.


So, the nonsense of this sentence compounds the previous. The English that should be used to extricate sense of this is: "We are not stepping here, you are."


Another sentence that doesn't belong to the animal section.


------- remember, grammar is how people speak, not the ten commandments sent down by the grammar police. it doesn't oblige anybody to speak that way.

"it is not WE" is NOT how modern (for the last fifty or sixty years, anyway ) americans say it . . .

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For once, we throw it back to A Magyarok. When you have compound subjects, you separate it into two sentences. "You and we step" - if we does not include you in the mix. "You step. We step."

In the case of this example. "Us step" is wrong.


THIS modern American does.


i concur that 'us' is not proper in this situation, forms of to be do not take the objective case. Additionally 'us' is used as the subject of the implied sentence, "We do not step here."

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