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  5. "Gyakran úszok egyedül."

"Gyakran úszok egyedül."

Translation:I often swim alone.

July 3, 2016



Few possible variations here: 'I often swim alone' 'I swim alone often' 'Usually I swim alone'


Can "gyakran" really mean usually? Your 1st two variations have the same meaning (possibly with a difference of emphasis), but the last one has a different meaning.


"Gyakran" means "often". "Usually" means "általában".


Gyakran úszom egyedül.


I'm wondering why it isn't úszom...


Úszok and úszom is also correct but without an object. In this sentence the correct solution is the úszok. Definite, indefinite conjugation. Indefinite conj.: úszok - I swim. Definite conj.: úszom egy hosszt: I swim the length of the pool. The definite conj. requires always an object.


According to Wiktionary, úszik is a strictly intransitive verb (as would make complete sense considering it really is impossible to "swim something", but úszok and úszom are optional in the 1st person. If it really had both indefinite and definite forms, they'd list forms like ússza and ússzuk, wouldn't they?


Yes, you're right, the "úszik" is an intransitive verb. But in this case there is a special type of verb. This conjugation according to another rule. This is the so- called "ikes ige". Its conjugation is different from the normal conjugation. This is a very complicated subject, and many native Hungarian conjugate these verbs in different ways. I would not force this issue at this level of the Hungarian language learning. I am a Hungarian native speaker, please believe me :)


Ikes igénél az alanyeset egyes szám első személynél használt -k helytelen, vagy mondhatjuk úgy is, hogy rétegnyelvi előfordulású. Leginkább a tanulatlan réteg használja. Pl. eszem, iszom, alszom, úszom és nem k-val.


“úszok” is the “nyócker” version of “úszom”… :-D

Nyócker = Budapest / 8. kerület (district 8) <= Slum


Minek forszírozni az úri igeragozást?


Amúgy ja. De nyelvet is minek tanulni… ;-)


Különösen annak, aki már amúgy is tud angolul ;)


Others have said it already, but it should be "úszom", and not "úszok". Úszok sounds horrible.


I get your point but still, for me, it does not sound horrible. It may sound "worse" than úszom but it surely isn't something I would correct. Different people, different preferences, different normatives… I think it's only fair to present another one.


Why does "egyedül" stand in the end there? Doesn't it modify "úszok" and should thus stand before it?


Very good question, you clearly deserve a lingot! The answer is: in this sentence the adverb "egyedül" stands in the Coda, where the less important sentence constituents are placed. Instead, if you move it before the Verb, which is the Focus position, it becomes the most important part of the sentence with a big emphasis on it.
(There is a very good summary of these things by vvsey here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/20169609/Structure-and-word-order-of-a-Hungarian-sentence )


In addition: although proposed by Duolingo, "*úszok" is considered boorish by many Hungarian people, because most verbs ending in "-ik" have a special conjugation, hence "úszom", "eszem", "iszom", "alszom" etc.


Éljenek az ikes igék! A lingot neked is jár!


Csak egy észrevétel.
"nem minden ikes igére igaz a szabály. olyat például nem mondanék, hogy sosem hazudom vagy váratlanul jelenem meg"
Ezt nem én írtam, de azonosulok vele, és szerintem helyesen érzékelteti, milyen fajsúllyal kell ezeket a szabályokat kezelni.


Thank you very much for both the lingot and the explanation! Also for the link which is most helpful! Köszönöm szépen!


I'm glad if I was of some help!


"Often times I swim alone"? Shouldn't that also be accepted?


Holsen4 "Oftentimes", and "oftimes", are both one word, i.e., not separated. And I speculatively suggest that those words are too elegant for a translation into English of this straightforward Hungarian sentence; at least, it would be too labor-intensive to include them in this course.


I often go swimming alone is natural, and correct. IMHO.

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