"I love their food."

Translation:אני אוהב את האוכל שלהם.

July 3, 2016

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why is "you" or "את" even involved in this sentence? I am already confused. Is this going to happen all the time now? Is there some kind of rule that will make it understandable?


It's not "at" (you), it's "et", it's basically a marker word used in Hebrew before any definite direct object, for example if the object starts with "ha" (the) or the words for "this" (zeh, zot).


In case you or anyone else might not have noticed: there are Tips and Notes associated with this course; they can be opened individually by clicking on the lamp icon if it appears in the speech bubble of the unit.

Here, the one introducing the direct object is ‘Food 1’.
There is also the full list of all Tips and Notes for the Hebrew course — and as you might have guessed, similarly formatted URLs allow you to see the same for all available ordered pairs of languages. :)


Its January 13th, 2022, and its not in the app yet.


They are accessible only in the browser version.


Just when I start to understand when to add את the hints don't show it so I leave it off and get dinged


Thank you, that makes more sense!


aní ohév et ha-óchel shelahém.


I thought it was את but it wasn’t given as an option


What did you get? Was it word blocks? Maybe you missed it.


"מאכלים שלכם" also means their food, no?


I think their was a given sentence in עברית, also with אוהב and אוכל, but it did not have the את. I dont understand it?!

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