"Oda a fiatal óvónők repülnek, nem pedig az idősek."

Translation:The young kindergarten teachers fly there, not the old ones.

July 3, 2016

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It should be accepted in the present progressive form as well.


I was thinking we hadn't heard about the "kindergarten teachers" for a while. It's nice to have them back with us, although why they aren't flying between the politicians and the big, famous cities, I can't imagine. Does anyone ever use the English phrase "Kindergarten teacher" anyway? I've never heard it used.


yes GregWood15 is correct - kindergarten teacher is used in Australia.


"Kindergarten teacher" is used pretty much exclusively to denote this occupation in Australia.


------- but only for teachers of kindergarten age kids ( 5ish here in california... ) . younger would be nursery school teachers and older would be elementary school teachers . . .

25 mar 21


I think nursery teachers is used a lot more, in Great Britain anyway!

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