"Ebből a zsebből kulcs nem esik ki."

Translation:No key falls out of this pocket.

July 3, 2016

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No key (will) fall out of this pocket


Better: Keys do not fall out of this pocket.


Ebből a zsebből nem fog kulcs kiesni. (No key will fall out of this pocket.)

Ebből a zsebből kulcs nem esik ki. (No key fall out of this pocket.)


Why fault "key does not fall out from this pocket" ? Nem értem . Magyaràzza már meg valaki!


It's an interesting difference in the languages that the writers of this course have correctly picked up on. You will find other examples in the course where in English we always use the plural but in Hungarian you always use the singular - if you want to sound like a native speaker.


How about: A key does not fall from this pocket


Why "do not fall out from ...", why not "do not fall out of ..."


so kulcs is pluralia tantum or what? How to distinguish between key and keys


Oh no, kulcs is singular and kulcsok is plural. There are no words in Hungarian that have the same form in singular and plural. :)

But rather, this sentence here is an example of the typical Hungarian aversion towards plural forms. This is a very general sentence: you do not care how many keys fall out, if it's one or many. It's just about "keys in general", the entire key-dom. So naturally in Hungarian you use singular grammar here.


If it was "no key", then surely "nem" should come before "kulcs" to negate it ?? In this sentence, "nem" comes before "esik ki" so therefore is negating "fall out". Also, "kulcs" is key, singular.

I directly translated this sentence as:

"Ebből a zsebből" - From this pocket "kulcs" - a key "nem esik ki" - it does not fall out

Hence, "A key does not fall out from this pocket"

Am I wrong here please ?


You're a little wrong, but this sentence doesn't have the best translation either.

"Kulcs" is not necessarily just "one key". In this case it's a general term, one key or many, so in English you'd typically use "keys": "Keys do not fall out of this pocket." The meaning of this sentence is kind of "This pocket is so good that no kind of key will ever fall out."

The given translation of the sentence is a little off. But your solution doesn't make it much better. If you're moving the nem to before kulcs, you're negating the keys, but you're not negating the falling-out part anymore. "Ebből a zsebből nem kulcs esik ki" would mean that there's something falling out - it's just not keys.

Now if you wanted to translate the English sentence - "No key falls out of this pocket" - into Hungarian, you'll need to get a bit creative. We want to say that something is not falling out, and that something is keys. For the Hungarian logic, we need to negate both the verb (since there's really nothing falling out currently) and the keys.

We can do that by using a negative pronoun. "No key" basically means "no kind of key", so we're going to use the negation of milyen, which is semmilyen. Let's try this:
Ebből a zsebből semmilyen kulcs nem esik ki.


Ignoring the question of whether it's one key or more, I'm still struggling with this. A literal translation seems to be "A key is not falling out of this pocket." Kulcs nem esik ki, if I understand correctly, simply means a key isn't falling out and is an example of Hungarian not requiring the word egy to denote the English word "a". When we say "No key falls out of this pocket, it's likely to mean that no key ever does and the speaker is saying something about the quality of the pocket in terms of its ability to retain keys. Something of this appears in what vvsey wrote 2 years ago but is that what the sentence is getting at? I read it as a simple statement of fact, i.e as a matter of fact a key is not falling out at this moment in time, (we're glued to the present tense thus far in the course). Any other views?


To me it reads like a generalisation. We're saying that this pocket is key-proof. If we were talking about what happens to one specific key, I'd add some determiner to it, egy or a.

It's less "A key is not falling", but rather "Key is not falling". A more general view, not restricted to just one key.

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