"Az autók ez elől az épület elől mennek el."

Translation:The cars are going away from in front of this building.

July 3, 2016



The cars go away from in front of this building

July 3, 2016


'Az autók elmennek az épület elől' I think this would be more correct

April 16, 2019


Why is 'elol' sometimes used as "away from" and sometimes used as "away from the front of" in this lesson?

July 14, 2017


Probably because there is no exact translation for this, or at least it is not used like that in English. So they made up these approximations and used them a little bit inconsistently.

Also, there could be different meanings.

If, say, the police are chasing the bad guy but he gets away, then we say he got away from the police. He was not necessaily physically in front of the police officers, so this is a somewhat idiomatic meaning.

But if a man was standing in front of a building then walked away from there, then we can say he walked away from in front of the building, to precisely describe their relative positions.

In either case, we can use "elől" in Hungarian.

"Elmenekült a rendőrök elől" - he got away

"Elment a ház elől" - he walked away from in/the front of

July 14, 2017


When must we translate "front of the building" and when is only "the building"accepted????

February 18, 2018
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