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  5. "I watch the water."

"I watch the water."

Translation:אני צופֶה במים.

July 3, 2016



Why במיים. Why not המיים? It does not say "in the water." It says "I watch the water"


The verb לצפות when used with the meaning "to watch/observe" is always used with the preposition -ב.

If you use it with a direct object, it means to predict: הוא צופה את העתיד = He predicts the future.


Thanks....I didn't know that!!!!


me neither.Thanks.


Wow didn't know that either


it would only say המיים if it had the word את before it so techincally if you wrote it that way it would be correct


That's how I wrote it and it was marked incorrect.


What Chaya wrote is incorrect. The verb צופה is followed by the preposition ב. Writing את המים is incorrect.


Instead of "צופה" you can use "בוהה" or even "מסתכל" depending on connotation.


could also translate watch to "שומר" which is to guard. the statement I watch the water is really broad.


Couldn't it also mean: אני שומר את המים since to watch is also to guard ?


no its cant that would be i protect/guard the water which is not the same thing as looking /watching


למה לא ״מסתכל״??


It is totally correct to say אני צופה את המים. the answer they posted and the one I submitted are both correct


no, it is not. צופה as a verd of "watching at" will always be followd by, or will follow, the prefix ב (e.g I watch the TV - אני צופה בטלוויזיה; you'll never believe what what a sight I'm watching at - בחיים לא תאמין באיזה מחזה/מראה אני צופה). the only exception is when one talks about a strategy and prediction (e.g Churchill foresaw the potential dangers of Nazism - צ'רצ'יל צפה את הסכנות הסכנות הטמונות בנאציזם; it seems that she is really distracted, so I expect her to fail the test - נראה כי דעתה ממש מוסחת, על כן אני צופה כי היא תיכשל במבחן)

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