"Március az egy tavaszi hónap."

Translation:March is a spring month.

July 3, 2016

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Is the "az" here because it is a generic statement, or is there another reason ?


"Március egy tavaszi hónap." is correct too. "az" means "that" there and it's often used in places like this. It's like saying "March, that's a spring month." I don't know, it's like "az" is taking over the role of "is" but this is not a scientific observation so take it with a pinch of salt. Point is, you can leave it out, you don't have to worry about it.


We have sth like that in Polish (and I think in Russian too) - Kwiecień to wiosenny miesiąc, to being the "that" part, without any verb or copula. Апрель это весенный месяц in Russian, word for word translation.


This is hard for us in the Southern hemisphere! I have to really think about it.


Why are there both "az" and "egy"?


As mentioned in comments above, the "az" here means the pronoun "that" and represents "március". Imagine a comma after "március". March, that is a spring month. Actually "az" and "ez" in such circumstances can be translated as "it"; "ő" is dedicated to "he" and "she".


The only way I could accept this response is if this is truly a Hungarian construct. I found the cracked module and being down in the family area of section 4.....I still had to play the audio, like 10-12 times to really figure out if that was what I was hearing. I typed it out and was like "that really doesn't look right" - here goes - accepted.
There is awkwardness without the comma.
And! I have yet to see the -i suffix as of Family, either, so that is yet another strike against this sentence and what was taught.

I also have not seen things like the -ig, -ás (other than munkás?) suffixes or words like legyobb and tovabb.


Not in northwestern New York.


You mean autumn down under, right cobber?


I know where you Southern-Hemisphericals are coming from, but I guess we're learning from the point of view of Hungary.


Déli félteke - Southern hemisphere (the -i suffix I have yet to have been formally taught)
Északi félteke - Northern hempishere.

Directions are a bit further down - neat lesson!


------- march is one spring month ? . . .

Big 20 feb 20


------ March is A spring month. Actually, csak tíz náp. :(

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