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"Én vagyok a főnök, és itt várok."

Translation:I am the boss and I am waiting here.

July 3, 2016



I am the manager and i wait here. This was not accepted. Why?


A magyar főnök nem vár!


Just because now I'm wondering if Duolingo's translations are all correct: does ott work as "over here" or just "here"? I tried "and I'm waiting over here" and it did not accept. I guess it's a clunky sentence in English.


"ott" is "there". "over here" should be accepted too.


Thank you, very helpful :) I'll "report" rather than ask the next time it comes up.


I think the distinction between "there" and "over there" is "there - ott" and "over there - otthon". If I'm mistaken could a native speaker correct me?


Itt - here (next to me)

Ott - there (f.e. 2 metres or more from me)

Itthon/otthon are different issues.

Otthon translates to at (my) home when I am outside. For example Iskolában vagyok, az édesapám otthon van - I am at school, my dad is at home.

Itthon translates to (here) at home when I am inside. For example Itthon pihenek - I rest at my home.


I am the chief and I am waiting here - is wrong. Please add "chief"


"Én vagyok a fönök" is correct, but "Vagyok mérnök" must be "Mérnök vagyok". Am I missing something?

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