"She walks."

Translation:היא הולכת.

July 3, 2016

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How is: היא הולכת

The pronoun she is approximately pronounced as in English "he" or Spanish "ji".

The second part the verbs, gets trickier...uses the ending t ( ת )instead of the usual ha. ( ה )...

Hanilevket ? ?

I am not sure....I sm speculating on its possible sound...

Your help will be greatly as appreciated!


He holechet (ho leh khet).


why not היא הולכת ברגל


It could be translated also as you have suggested here. The verb ללכת can be used to mean "go" or "walk" it is mainly just used as ללכת ברגל when you need to clarify that it was in fact "on foot."


oh because it marked me wrong. would I definitely be understood if I said this in Israel?


Yes, היא הולכת ברגל makes it very clear that she is "walking," not just "going."


בסדר תודה רבה


How is ברגל pronounced?


I do not have a Hebrew letters keyboard so how can type. Where is the onscreen keyboard


In your cell phone look for keyboard settings and find hebrew or עברית


I have Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and it supports up to 4 alphabets which I can swipe for easy access when doing Hebrew/English/Spanish/German lessons. If I were you, I would go to www.youtube.com and in the search button I would write something along the way: "How to add a different alphabet in my ['iphone', 'Samsung Galaxy S5', 'Here you put your phone model'] Then, you can pick the best instructional video...or watch a few if any. Thus, you will be able to do it yourself! Good luck! Also, good luck with your learning!


I am on my computer so I don't know if it's the same. But on the tips page, there is an option to download the DUOLINGO keyboard. When I do lessons it then gives me the option to switch from English to Hebrew when necessary.


?היא הולך Why not


Because in Hebrew, verbs are also conjugated according to gender. הולך is the singular masculine form and הולכת is the singular feminine form. It will always be הוא הולך "he walks" and היא הולכת "she walks".

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    We can't type Hebrew on our computer.


    I found Lexilogos which has multi language keyboards. I type the word I want in the box they provide for the Hebrew keyboard and then I copy and paste in on the screen on Duolingo. This might be a bit long winded but it works.


    ברגל was not one of the options

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