"Én sokat várok."

Translation:I am waiting a lot.

July 3, 2016

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"I am waiting for a long time." ? not right?


There's no time frequency indicated in the sentence, just that "I wait a lot." What you are waiting for isn't mentioned, so you could be waiting for something not just for a long time. You also be saying that you have high expectations (which is the same phrase,) in which case the "for a long time," would be completely misplaced. Hope that helps :)


What about "I wait often"? This was marked as incorrect for me. If it is not a correct translation of "Én sokat várok", how would you say "I wait often"? Én sokszor várok?


"Én sokszor várok" would mean that you wait a lot (often,) but "I wait often" would be a more direct translation to "Én GYAKRAN várok."


"I am waiting a lot" is not right!!


Can this mean something like "I have high expectations" "I'm expecting a lot", or would that be completely different?


It does and it's generally used more for high expectations rather than just waiting, which would be I've waitED for a long time ("En sokat varatam,") but even that could be used in the context of expectations


How would one say I am waiting a lot for a car vs I am waiting for a lot of cars.

En sokat autot varok? and what?


I believe it would be :

I am waiting a lot for a car : Sokat varok egy autora (here the quantity a lot is the object, so it gets the accusative t, and in hungarian you use the suffix -ra,-re with the verb varni to wait for something for an amount of time)

I am waiting for a lot of cars: sok autot varok. (Here sok is being used as an adjective not the subject, so it doesn't need an accusative t. Here I'm not sure which would be more proper, sok autot varok or sok autora varok. My dictionary seems to place either as acceptable.


I hear something between "én" and "sokat" here...


So what would just "sok" mean? Is it like "a large frequency of occurrences" or something?


Sok means many, much or a lot.

Sok ember van itt: a lot of people here Sok minden: a lot of things

Sok feladat: many tasks Sok jó tulajdonsága van: he has many good qualities

Sok helyet foglal el: take up much room Sok hűhó semmiért: much cry and little wool (phrase)

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