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"After eating pho, he is not full yet."

Translation:Sau khi ăn phở, anh ấy vẫn không no.

July 3, 2016



Would "Sau khi ăn phở, anh ấy chưa no" be acceptable?


It is acceptable.


What about '..anh ấy chưa vẫn no? Or would that be saying "he is not yet full?" I put that down and was marked wrong.


that's wrong. it doesn't make sense because you have two words contradicting each other.

  • chưa no: not full yet, still hungry.
  • vẫn (còn) no: still full, not hungry yet.


Then might I suggest simply:

"After eating pho, he is still not full?"

That avoids the confusion with using "yet".


If this course ever does a 2.0, then I would suggest changing the English. I know I keep putting chưa in and 'yet' is not necessary for the English rendering.

Also--there is no 'still' here, and that can be incorporated.


it is already accepted.

[edit: do you mean to change the initial sentence in English? I'm afraid I can't. if I do, I won't have access to that editing page afterwards.]


After eating, he is still not full. If there truly is a different word for yet we should be taught that right here. Right now. Not in the forum, but in the lesson itself. So we see the difference.


The english for this answer is "after eating pho he is still not full" i answered "sau khi ăn phở anh ấy không no chua" and marked wrong. Duo needs to change the english and maybe someone can explain why my answer is wrong


"chưa" is a negative time marker, acting exactly the same way and placed at the same position than "không" is. the difference between them is that "chưa" implies the action is not yet done.


31/1/2021 - is there any reason for the word "vẫn" in this sentence or is it just a case of a poor translation into English?


what about anh ay van khong no chua


no that's not correct. here's the accepted answers.

  • anh ấy chưa no.
  • anh ấy vẫn chưa no.
  • anh ấy vẫn không no. (I personally don't think I would use this one because [vẫn + không] = chưa)


Howdy! Please explain exactly which word means "Yet". Thanks in Advance :-)


chưa. to be exact, it means "not yet".

please read my other comments for further information.

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