"This is the photo of my parents."

Translation:Đây là ảnh của bố mẹ của tôi.

July 3, 2016

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Why do we not use cái before ảnh here?


It should be accepted and the answer containing "cái" is already in our database.


It seems some words need classifier and another not :/


Why is 'một cái ảnh' marked wrong?


Because it is not "a photo of my parents". It's "THE photo of my parents".


Which no one actually says! Most people display a photo and woukd say "this is A photo of ...."


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Because as usual a direct translation has been provided and not a translation that is actually used! This is very common on DL.


Doesn't this sentence also translate to "This is my parent's photo" showing the parents own the photo, not necessarily being in the photo?


At least in Spanish that would be ambiguous and the same phrase could mean they own the photo or they appear in the photo (I thought in English too).

For example, if I would say "Ella tiene mi foto" ("she has my photo"), it would mean she owns a picture where i appear.


In written English it is made clear with a possessive apostrophe:

"This is a photo of my parents." = Both of my parents are in this photo.

"This is a photo of my parents'." = This photo belongs to my parents. Of course, this meaning would more naturally and regularly be expressed using the form "This is my parents' photo", which has the audible ambiguity of being possessed by one or both parents, but it is also unusual to refer to a singular parent with the word "parent".


For the same sentence where Duo asks to translate "Đây là ảnh của bố mẹ của tôi" to English this answer (which is also what I answered) i.e. "This is my parents' photo" is accepted. Note the minor difference is parents' and not parent's


ĐÂY LÀ ẢNH CỦA BỐ MẸ CỦA TÔI và ĐÂY LÀ ẢNH CỦA BỐ MẸ TÔI câu trả lời nào hay hơn xin lọi người cho ý kiến

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