"Nem, nincs jól."

Translation:No, he is not well.

July 3, 2016

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Why not "it's not well?'" since you can imply it, she or he in the third person with nincs


this is the first time I'm seeing nincs. It it the same as nem? How do we know it is she isn't well and not I'm not well?


nincs = nem van, it's third person singular


this can't be right. I had sentences here where nem ...van was accepted unlike nincs and vice versa


There is no he init, could be a she or an animal?


I am a native speaker of Bosnian, and I just realized how similar hungarian grammar is. It is not the same but we share some features. For example: "Soha nem esik az eső" - It never rains. "Soha" means never and nem is "no/not", as far as I concerted. So when you say that sentence it has two negations. It is same in Bosnian. We say "Nikad ne pada kiša", Here "Nikad" means never and "ne pada", means does not rain/it is not raining, and it has two negations. In Bosnian "ne" is used to negate verbs and "nije", is used to negate nouns. There are some cases where this rule can not be aplied, but they are rare. "Ne crtam" - "I do not draw" "Crtam" - (I) draw. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

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