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  5. "החלב נגמר!"

"החלב נגמר!"

Translation:The milk has finished.

July 3, 2016



In English you would say The milk is finished.


That's better than "The milk has finished", but it doesn't sound right either. People would say something like "We ran out of milk".


In English I would always say "we ran out of milk" or "the milk ran out". (native English speaker). I guess finished is another way to say it.


Indeed, there are a number of expressions that can be used to convey various nuances in different situations. Perhaps they intended something along the lines of "The milk has been finished" or "The milk is finished", as שמואל suggested.


Reported 7 months ago but the problematic answer is still in place. I'd report it but there's no way to report a problem using the Duolingo mobile web browser.


Still there in August 2018


Still there in november '18; let's face it: they don't wanna fix it...


The milk was finished is the proper past tense answer for this. The milk has been finished would also work.

The milk has finished is an incomplete sentence and is, hilariously, not the right kind of sentence for Nifal.


Exactly! I want to ask, "The milk has finished [doing] what?"


Agree! It is not passive like niphal should be


"The milk was finished" got rejected for me


The given translation is not idiomatic English. You'd say 'The milk has run out' or 'We've run out of milk' or 'We're out of milk.'


In my family, we usually said "we're out of milk". But I have also heard "the milk is finished". In the past tense, you could say "I didn't finish the milk. It was already finished when I got home". I guess you could say "The milk has been finished for a couple of days. Go buy some more already" but that's rude. "The milk has finished" is just ridiculous.


"The milk is gone" should also be accepted as a valid English translation.


And is it always pronounced ‘he chalav’ and not ‘ha chalav’? I’ve vague recollections from Biblical Hebrew about vowel changes when heh precedes heh but without niqudim in Duolingo, it can be hard to pick up.


Yes. הֶחָלָב, הֶהָרִים. But הָהָר. Go figure.


הֶחָלָב נִגְמָר


There is no option for reporting incorrect translations.


Several people have reported for the last 2 years that "The milk has finished" would never be said in English. I'm flagging it again for everybody's sake. I might say "The milk is all gone." It's also likely to be said in the other direction, such as "Someone finished off the milk; it's all gone." There are other situations, such as "The milk has finished turning sour. Go ahead and make pancakes with it." or "The milk has finished coming to a boil. Turn off the burner." Dec. 2019

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