"It is already midnight and they are still running."

Translation:כבר חצות והם עדיין רצים.

July 3, 2016

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זה כבר חצות והם עדיין רצים Admin ! is my response incorrect ? obliged if you could provide an explanatory response on this query please. tks


As it has already asked and answered, no, you can't say that in Hebrew. English often times uses "dummy subject" - it, while Hebrew has no need for it. The same things happens with the following phrases, where you have "it" in English, but you don't put זה in Hebrew: "it seems that..." נראה ש, "it is important (for me) that..." חשוב לי ש, "it is raining" יורד גשם, "it is hot today" חם היום, "it is late already" כבר מאוחר, "it is midnight already" כבר חצות, "it is six o'clock" השעה שש and so on.


This is fantastic, Danny. The last one, השעה שש, the hour is six, sounds just fine, to me, in English too (higher level, but totally fine).


Is עוד instead of עדיין not possible here? Marked wrong.


כבר חצות ועדיין הם רצים -- ?Could this also be correct?


Kvar khatsot ve-hem adain ratsim.


If 'It is' should not receive a direct translation in this context (we ignore 'זה' and instead just say 'כבר חצות'), then why does it have the usual hint/translation provided in the question?

To me, that seems misleading.

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