"Meat and a fish"

Translation:Mięso i ryba

July 3, 2016

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What's the difference between the a and e endings?


what do you mean exactly.? most often the difference between endings means different case, number, gender, person depending on the word.

I guess you mean between rybę and ryba.- ryba is nominative case. rybĘ (with a diacretic-ogonek "little tail") is in accusative case.

Nominative is a "dictionary" case, used as subject of the sentence and in "to" sentences.

(to jest ryba, ryba jest smaczna- this is a fish. A fish is tasty)

Accusative is a case which most verbs require for direct object in positive sentence. (jem rybę- I am eating a fish)


Thank you. I've been confused about nominative and accusative. That's a very helpful explanation.

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