"Are you László?"

Translation:Ön László?

July 3, 2016

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"you" could be translated to "ön" and "te", it's not clear here.


And so both should be accepted. (If not, report the missing alternative(s), please.)


This could be a stupid question, but why not "Vagy László?" or "László vagy?"?


"László vagy?" is definitely accepted. "Vagy László?" sounds a bit weird. Ön is a formal addressing.


Te László? is still marked as wrong answer by now.


"*Te László?" is incorrect. If you have anything else than a 3rd person (ő, ők, ön, önök) as a subject, you need to include the respective form of the verb van:

  • (Te) lászló vagy?
  • Ön László?


Really dumb this one. The notes tell me "Are" is "vagy", "You" is "ön". So why does tell me that "vagy ön László" is wrong here & it is just "ön László"? If there is a grammatical reason why there is no explanation for it or anyway to know one exists to get the question correct based on what little information is given here.


So "ön" is the formal "you", while "vagy" refers to the informal you. The combination of the two is therefore wrong, because different persons are addressed. Other people have discussed above when the verb needs to be used.

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