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  5. "Во дворе играют дети."

"Во дворе играют дети."

Translation:Children are playing in the courtyard.

July 3, 2016



Why is it Во instead of В?


But be aware of the fact that this rule is not always working.

For example, в здании, not во здании.


Because дворе starts with two consonants in a row, в gets a vowel to make things easier to pronounce.


Yes, it's not a rule for every instance of two consonants in a row, it's only when (Russians) decide that adding в to the sound of the next two consonants would be difficult to pronounce.


can двор also mean "backyard"?


Russian tends to approach "yard" like they do arms and legs. A двор is just the spacial territory surrounding the house/building itself, without a distinction between front and back yard. You could say задний двор if talking about a back yard like what we have in the US.


Does changing the word order here work?

Во дворе дети играют


дети играют во дворе


With a big non-native speaker caveat, the first sentence emphasizes that what the children are doing in the courtyard is playing there. The second I would translate as "The children are playing in the yard," and the emphasis is on where they're playing.


Is there a major difference between сад and двор ? I know one means garden and the other courtyard but I'm not even sure if those are very different...


I can add that in Russian there is also "огоро́д" (kitchen-garden), it is a space on the ground meant to cultivating vegetables. The difference between "сад" and "огород" is: a "сад" has trees or/ with shrubs These trees and shrubs can are fruit/vegetable- bearing or not. But in "огород" every plant is vegetable-bearing, because people in Russia create "огород" to get their own organic vegetables.


@Amawaku - There is a difference between the two (in both Russian and English) Сад is specifically a space meant for planting and cultivating plants (flowers and fruit/vegetable-bearing plants). It can be within a двор, which is just a yard of any kind - an open space associated with a house or building.


Ooh okay thanks a lot I wasn't really aware of that distinction.


Why is it BO and not HA in that case? The yard isn't exactly an enclosed space, after all.


@goetz895855 - Traditionally a двор is a courtyard, an open area surrounded by the walls of a building (or fencing). So even though it's outside and not necessarily covered, it was traditionally enclosed. Even though in modern language it also refers to your good old front/back yard, the original preposition is still used.

Sort of like the opposite of what happened to кухня, which was traditionally an open area which is why it uses на even if you're talking about the room inside of a house :|


Children play in the "courtyard" is wrong? Present progressive.

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