"Reggel gyakran bankokat keresek."

Translation:I often look for banks in the morning.

July 3, 2016

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Two versions of who would say this: either a compulsive spender with no credit card, or a serial criminal on a pretty tight schedule.


or a weird talking green owl.


Or an owl with no eyes telling you "let's make this more difficult". Rettenetes!


Why does she stress "gyakran" on the second syllable? Which of you knows?


I reported it - this module was cracked so I went back to it and had no clue what was being said. It needs to be re-recorded. I did get "reggelt" and that "gyakran" does not sound right at all.


The module was cracked again - two months after my last run and no change. I literally listened to it ten times and could not make sense of the sentence. I actually got out of the exercise and restarted it. At least this time, I see the sentence and had to translate it into English. This audio clip needs redone.


I wrote "in the mornings," which Duo graciously overlooked as a typo, but it raised the question for me: Is there a different way of saying "in the mornings" (as opposed to "in the morning") in Hungarian, something like "reggelek"?

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