"What are you doing so early?"

Translation:Mit csinálsz ilyen korán?

July 3, 2016

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Having a bit of trouble with the meaning of "ilyen." I know that in some cases, it means that something is 'like' something else, for example: 'Ilyen színü az autóm', but I'm not sure what it means in this sentence, or how to use it in this way. Any ideas?


The word "so" can be translated in many different ways, depending on the context. (So) early in the morning = (Így) korán reggel. (So) early = (Ennyire) korán/(Ilyen) korán. I.e. here the word "Ilyen" is not a determinative, but enhancement. (like saying "Ennyire")


Brilliant! Thank you :)


would olyan be wrong here?


Yes, because olyan refers to another time. The person is asking what are you doing so early in the morning now. If you wanted to use olyan, you could say for example "Mit csináltál olyan korán?" meaning "What were you doing so early?", which is past tense. I hope this is clear.

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