"Yes, goulash!"

Translation:Igen, paprikás!

July 4, 2016

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Why can't I say it "gulyást", with that accusative "t" suffix?


If they're accepting "gulyás" as a translation for "goulash" in other exercises, they probably should accept "gulyást" as a translation here... Assuming it's still part of some imaginary conversation.


It depends on the question you reply to. Accusative could be correct, too. "Is it a soup? Yes, goulash!" is without the suffix ("Ez leves? Igen, gulyás.") VS. "Would you like some soup? Yes, goulash" is with suffix ("Kérsz egy kis levest? Igen, gulyást!"). Once again note the different use of puctuation.


Gulyas and paprika is the same?


I do not completely agree with this task. The two food are almost same, but Goulash rather means (Goulash) and Paprikás rather means (Paprikash). And I say it as a Hungarian. :-)


I disagree even more! Gulyás is a soup, even if some people use the word "goulash" for "pörkölt" instead, while paprikás is either a pörkölt modified with sour creme, or a sauce with paprika and sour creme, with something. Paprikás could be prepared with many kind of meats from chicken to wild boar or even mushrooms and it is always a "second plate" while gulyás is always a "first plate" soup with potatoes and beef or wild or even beans and pork. But never pork alone, and especially not chicken or turkey...

What would you say if I miss whiskey for gin? The difference is this big!


Yes, definitely this is the difference. It's outrageous as some hungarian folks preparing gulyás with chicken, they simply can't see the point. :)


Chicken goulash is similar like alcohol-free vodka or having sex over Skype.


It accepted only "paprikás" instead of "gulyás". The person that made this lesson is not really Hungarian, I guess!


Uhm, why is there no "Gulyas" answer... It just told me "paprikas" was the correct answer & never gave me an option for "gulyas"... Please fix!

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