"Jó példát mutat."

Translation:She sets a good example.

July 4, 2016

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I think that there is some confusion in the comments about the meaning of setting a good example in English. It is completely different from giving a good example. I set a good example if I live in a way worthy of imitation. I give a good example if I offer you an example that helps you understand something. Eg the example I gave about the lost cause myth in the US South helped you understand how Hungarians feel about the treaty of Trianon.


Would "It shows a good example" be correct?


If you are referring to an animal, I think so.


Yes, that's also a possible translation


Here's a case of an expression. This really is why Duolingo really isn't a good tool to be learning a language through. – This sentence literally says "s/he shows a good example". You can do that by doing something good which the children learn from, and in English you would say "s/he sets a good example".

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