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  5. "היא רוקדת איתי."

"היא רוקדת איתי."

Translation:She dances with me.

July 4, 2016



The noun meaning dance is רִיקוּד


Oh that makes sense. Is a רוקד a dancer then? Or is it a מרקד?


Dancer is רַקְדָן or (fem.) רַקְדָנִית


Just adding a side note: מרקד is not a real word in Hebrew, but if you say it, it's likely that native Hebrew speakers will understand it as choreographer (or something like that), i.e. someone who causes people to dance. However, the dictionary word used for choreographer is כוריאוגרף.


It's not a profession, but it is a word


OK there is a word like that but it's not what I was referring to. It can actually be four different words—one noun and three verbs (I double-checked with every dictionary I have access to). The noun is mirkad, while the verb forms (all present tense) are meraked (from riked), murkad and merukad.

I was referring to saying meraked as a noun, which can be done but it's not a real dictionary word.


Firstly I've mistaken איתי for adj slow


Same here (it was in a listening exercise): does איטי sound different?


What's the noun for dance? A) an actual dance B) a dancing event

Or are they the same?


Dancing, the action - ריקוד or מחול. The latter usually refers to more artistic or technical forms. For instance, ריקוד is what you do in a party, and מחול is what you pay to see, or what the children go to classes to learn. A dancing event - well in the sense of Cinderella or Elisabeth Bennet, there is the word נשף (neshef) but it is not used for an event that would occur today, we just say מסיבה, party. At least there is no other word that I can think of right now, maybe someone else will come up with something.


An event might be called a הרקדה

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