"The girl likes horses."

Translation:Dziewczynka lubi konie.

July 4, 2016

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Does anyone have a trick to spelling girl? No matter how may times i review i have trouble spelling 'Dziewczynka'


Hi. Me, it helped to make some research on what parts that word compoused of. As a base we have here "dziew" (dziewa=maid). And as a second part (hope it's safe to say that's suffix) we have czynk, which mean is "small/little". Ending a no needs to be explained.

So, we have dziewczynka= little maid. Maybe I told here nothing new to you, but my point was to decompose word and have some time spent on it in a new way.

PS maybe, because I'm native in Russian, that make easier for me to catch slavik words in their parts.


Politekat. Try seperating the 2 parts dziew czynka
Czynka has i think other applications as an ending I struggled with this word for a long time and this worked for me

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Ta is optional?


It's not optional, it's rather acceptable, tops.

Generally, "ta dziewczynka" = "this girl". But often "the girl" is more or less the same thing as "this girl", so we accept such translations.

A/The girl is generally just "dziewczynka" as we don't have articles.


Accusative singular = Konia?


why is "dziewczyna lubią konie" not accepted?


never mind, I conjugated the verb wrong

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