"Elnézést, az erkélyről beszélsz vagy a kéményről?"

Translation:Excuse me, are you talking about the balcony or the chimney?

July 4, 2016

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Excuse me, are you talking about the balcony or the chimney?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is the most sensible way of translating this sentence, and yet it was rejected.


should have tips and notes explaining delative case can mean "about"


I agree, and I'd like more information on differentiating between this case and the elative case as both appear to use "from" and I'm struggling with it!

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While technically "az erkélyről beszélek" could mean both about and from the balcony, this sentence structure would usually mean about. There would be other clues in the sentence to suggest speaking from the balcony rather than about, probably including the word for down. It wouldn't really work with "talk down" (lebeszél) though because that means "talk someone out of something" so I would translate your sentence as "Lekiabálok az erkélyről" - I shout down from the balcony. Isn't Hungarian a lovely language? :D


I think in English " talking about ..." is more common than " speaking about ..." and I do not know why my answer should not be correct. Can somebody tell me why?


Az erkélyről beszélsz Azt is jelenti hogy ott állsz kint az erkélyen és beszélsz. Nem meglepő ha óvónők repülnek a város felett....


How would you say that somebody is speaking down from a balcony?


Mmm, why 'talking about' is not a good translation choice (instead of 'speaking about')? (Forget Hungarian, I'm so happy my poor English is improving in this course).


most tényleg ,nem fogadjátok el a " sorry" -t azért ez már igazi köcsög tanár nénis kukacoskodás

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