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  5. "הוא פותח עיתון."

"הוא פותח עיתון."

Translation:He opens a newspaper.

July 4, 2016



I wrote "He opens up a newspaper" but that was disapproved....It is idiomatically correct English and should therefor be accepted. Right?


Can פותח also be used for opening a store or a restaurant for example?


I wrote עיטון instead of עיתון and there was no underscore/underline to show the error...


I haven't been getting my typos pointed out, either. I check the forum for pretty much ever task, unless I'm super sure I spelled everything correctly because losing a habit of bad spelling is harder than not getting into one, in the first place. I wish the typo warnings would come back.


Me too and no underline either


This could be either opening an individual newspaper, to read it, or starting a newspaper in a town (publishing one) yes?

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