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Report! Some missunderstanding.

Good afternoon,

i would like to report about some missunderstanding in translating. So it is in the first block of skills "Verbs 1 : Present Single", Lesson 4.

There is the following sentense: "Gyakran uszok egyedül" This sentense was transladet by me, like: "I often swims alone" But Duolingo marked the word "often" as a mistake and offered me to use the word "usually" as only the one available and right answer.

I am sorry, but as I knew before: "gyakran" means "often" "általában" means "usually".

A lot of thanks for your attention.

July 4, 2016



I suggest you to report the problem once you face the said sentence during the lesson ("Report problem" section at the bottom). By doing this the editors will receive your feedback linked exactly to the referred sentence. The course is still in Beta, so you can expect many more such issues - at this stage it is normal...


a lot of thanks for your advice. Honestly, I didnt see some special button to report the problem. Actually Ive created this topic with that aim, that it would be also noticed by editors of the course. Again a lot of thanks for your advice! :)


Your answer was good, report the problem :)

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