"Jól vagy, Zsuzsa?"

Translation:Are you well, Zsuzsa?

July 4, 2016

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hi so I am probably the only guy here who has Hungarian for their first language and this answer is not the correct. however I don't blame Duolingo since Hungarian is still in beta. But I could be a great help to Duolingo since Hungarian is my first language (I still have English pronunciation problems).


I am here too, as native Hungarian, and mainly to help ;)


shouldn't "Everything ok, Zsuzsa?" also be accepted?


Well, that would refer to her whole life but the original only refers to her health.


I won't say so, I mean, I don't think it would refer the whole life (though it could in several circumstances). Everything's okay, Zsuzsa?" would mean "Minden rendben [van], Zsuzsa?" where "van" is implied, we seldom say it, but sometimes we do.


Well, it's hard to define these things in 30 seconds while I'm writing a comment. I don't mean it refers to her whole life but it could refer to anything from her life while the other one is only health specific.


You're absolutely right this way. It is the same for me, indeed. That's why I try to refine here and there ;)


I've never heard of the name Zsuzsa. o o )-(


That is a very common female name, often shortened from Zsuzsanna but used also as standalone name. This is the Hungarian version of Sue / Susan (Susanna).


My friend ' s Hungarian girlfriend' s name is Zsuzsanna : everybody calls her "Zsuzsa".


Zsuzsa is both an individual female name and the nickname of Zsuzsanna, the latter being the 7th most common name by women.


What about "How are you?"


That has different meaning, so don't use that on DL. For daily life, it shows less care, "jól vagy, Zsuzsa?" has more concern in it. We use this structure when we assume that the asked person has something problem, either an illness or another type of trouble and we want to know whether they overcame already. How are you / hogy vagy is a mere formality, without actual meaning and most people would be shocked if one replies "no" or makes a detailed reply.


Are you ok seems ok but not, I think, is everything ok. One is a general 'greeting,' the second more inquisitive as if there is or has been a problem.


its are you ok as in sickness or life


I don't understand these downvotes here, klararabbit is actually outlined the basic concept.


this name made me realize that 'Zsa Zsa Gabor' was hungarian. it's interesting to see how you can figure out name origins when you learn a little bit about the language.

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