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"Mamma går till affären för att köpa äpplen."

Translation:Mom is going to the store to buy apples.

July 4, 2016



Could be without för here?



I copied and pasted this from this great post

För att is another conjunction starting a subordinate clause (”bisats” in Swedish) when you want to express in order to or with the intention to. Here are a couple of examples that hopefully will illustrate what I mean:

Jag steg upp tidigt i morse för att jag skulle komma i tid till arbetet.

(I got up early this morning so that I would come to work on time.)

Göran tog på sig mössa och handskar för att han inte skulle frysa.

(Göran put on a hat and gloves to not freeze)

It’s also good to know that you don’t have to repeat the subject in the subordinate clause in this type of sentence. Our examples above would then look like this:

Jag steg upp tidigt i morse för att komma i tid till arbetet.

Göran tog på sig mössa och handskar för att inte frysa.


I got a 404 error on that link. I am struggling with using two prepositions together. It also seems like I sometimes need one when I didn't think I did, and sometimes it says I can drop one where I thought it was needed.


att actually isn't a preposition, though. The phrase för att works the same way as the English "in order to", where "to" isn't a preposition, either. You can consider it a fixed phrase if that helps.


Why is the sentence completely wrong if I say "grocery store" instead of "store"? *sighs


Report it - it's a fine translation, obviously. :)


Why couldn't it also be "Mom walks to the store to buy apples". Without context either should work.


Yes, definitely.


Cool. It dinged me. I'll report it next time. Tack.


Mamma is an aceptable English word!


I'm not native english speaker, but why Mom go to the store to buy apples is not accepted?


The third-person present tense is "goes", so it's "Mom goes..." rather than "Mom go..."


I'm sorry. Thank you for your answer.


Don't apologise for asking questions. :)


I used mom instead of Mama and it said I was wrong.


That's odd - "mom" is even the default.


When should it be "på att" and when "för att"? Tack!


på att is only used when is part of another expression. It's never på att for e.g. "in order to" like here.


I like that it sounds like "Mum is going to the store for to buy apples", the use of "for to" sounds more like an older version of english you'd still hear in nursery rhymes.

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