"I write down the recipe."

Translation:אני רושמת את המתכון.

July 4, 2016

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Ani roshemet et hamatcon


אני כותב את המתכון ??


It's my understanding that כותב means "to write" while רושמ means "to write DOWN." At least that's how they teach it on duo. Hope this helps.


Should be correct. Maybe the course requires רושם here instead of כותב.


not only it sould be accepred, it's far mor correctly than "רושם". The verb רושם refers more to the "picturesque" aspect of the writing / drawing (such as face drawing, calligraphy, etc.) wile כותב refers to letters, so as long as one actually write (and does not type or something like it) רושם isn't fully wrong, but at the same time it's not exactly accurate



According to my 2 volume Hebrew dictionary by Alkaly from 1965 רשם can mean: to write, write down, note, record, register, inscribe, list, mark, draw. Notice, draw is the last entry of 9 meanings.


i put that too, and was marked wrong.


for me, I learned as anyone herr that רושם has to do with writing something down, like noting, booking something, whereas כותב is just the act of writing in general, that's how it works in my head, if it wrong, let me know. I stand to the usual, don't want to sound perfect speaking hebrew, but natural.


In classical hebrew, i.e. the tanakh, כתב was to write and רשם meant only to sign your name or even to seal a document with your seal. Why this changed in modern hebrew is completely baffling.


the translation is wrong, it should be כותב/ת not רושם/ת.


Kotev is to write (something you're creating, like a book), Roshem is basically to write something down or to copy it down. That's my understanding.


isn't "roshemet" writing a list? can you use "kotaiv" when referring to writing a recipe?


I think כותב implies that you're writing something original, while רושם implies copying down something of someone else's. So it would depend on whether you were writing down an original recipe or one that someone gave you. Does that make sense?


the verbs רושם and כותב are similer, but not exactly the same. רושם refers more to the "picturesque" aspect of the writing / drawing (such as face drawing, calligraphy, etc.) wile כותב refers to the letters themselves

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