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  5. "The woman is not at home."

"The woman is not at home."

Translation:A nő nincs otthon.

July 4, 2016



how do I know when to use nem and when to use nincs when describing a person?


If you want to say "nem van" then use "nincs" :D


but if I wanted to say "the woman is not tall" that would be " a nő nem magas" wouldn't it? with the van implied? Is otthon different because it's a place? would "the woman is not outside" be "a nő nem kint (van?)" or "a nő nincs kint?"


If you say "a nő magas", that's a description. If you say "A nő nincs otthon" that refers to physically being somewhere. Yes, "the woman is not outside" would be just that. Both are correct but the emphasis is different. "A nő nincs kint" = neutral word order. (The woman is not outside.) "A nő nem kint van" = "The woman is not OUTSIDE (implied: but somewhere else)

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