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"I think that she is Avraham's neighbor."

Translation:אני חושב שהיא שכנה של אברהם.

July 4, 2016



Shouldn't it be "a neighbor of Avraham" since it doesn't have a "he"? I reported.


I agree. I think a more suitable translation of the English sentence would be:

אני חושב שהיא השכנה של אברהם


Your answer we be correct only if Avraham had exactly one neighbor.


yes. and since this is possible, given our knowledge of avraham, it should be accepted. duolingo accepts השכנה but calls it a typo


"Neighbor of Avraham" sounds unnatural in English. "Avraham's neighbor" is correct.

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?? אני חושב שהיא שכנתו של אברהם..


I agree. Proleptic pronoun masc שכנתו.


If the sentence refers to a specific neighbour, should it not be השכנה?


ani khoshev sh-hee shkhenah shel avraham


אני חושב שהיא שכנתו של אברהם. isn't this right? I reported


Whelp, my guess was that the feminine form of "שכן" was "שכנית". Glad to be corrected.


I notice that when there is a word bank, "I" is always male. In a gendered language, I would assume they'd make it half and half. Are there any women on duolingo's staff?


I think you're imagining things. The sentences are pretty random and it's just a question of which sentences came your way. However in the first few lessons, it is true that masculine is more used, I guess not to overwhelm the learners (at least that's how I saw it) and later on it adds more feminine sentences. My experience is that there are actually more feminine sentences than masculine ones. So, both of our observations are purely subjective.


I am not imagining, thank you, I started counting how many m/f verbs there were in the word bank for "I" sentences. I will take your word for it that later on there will be more options in the word banks. And of course, when typing out the hebrew sentence, "you" can be m/f, s/pl. And all the variants seem correct.


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