"I met her in a shop."

Translation:Spotkałem ją w sklepie.

July 4, 2016

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poznałem ją w sklepie


Different meaning, but a perfectly correct interpretation. Added now.


why is się not needed here?


I am also curious about this. Do you say use się when you "we are meeting"? Whereas here it is "me meeting her"?


Yes, that is correct :)


Is "spotkałem się z nią" not possible here. In Ukrainian for example both option would be valid


Yes, that is also corect, added.

However, I don't know about Ukrainian, but I see different implications of the two Polish sentences.

"Spotkałem ją w sklepie" suggests that we just happened to meet there by chance.

"Spotkałem się z nią w sklepie" suggests that we planned to meet.

There's also "Poznałem ją" which means "I met her" as in "I met her for the first time", "that's how we know each other, we bumped into each other at the store and started talking".


I wrote: “ja ją spotkałem w sklepie” … I’m not sure why it is wrong - a bit clumsy maybe, due to the redundany „ja”?


Well, we could say that putting "ja" in the sentence shows contrast, as if everyone was sharing their memories of 'meeting her'.

But we always try to accept answers with "Ja" at the beginning, and then yes, "Ja ją spotkałem w sklepie" is okay. Added now.

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