"Come vuole costruire questo posto?"

Translation:How does he want to build this place?

January 30, 2013

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This English sounds very strange to me. You don't build a "place"--you build a THING (building, statue, monument, etc) possibly in or on a place. Does this mean "How does he want to develop this place?" or maybe "what does he want to build on/in/at this place?"?

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We built this city on Rock 'n' Roll. ;-)


I don't agree with the premise of the question in the first place. it's a bit awkward. Could the real meaning in Italian be different from what appears to be the literal translation?


Ive been studying italian on here, all day, every day, for four months now and interestingly, last night itaky won the 2021 eurovision song contest and i didnt understand a single italian word in the winning song. Not one word and yet im close to finishing this course on duo!!!!! What have i missed!!!!


It was a rock song and they sang the words pretty fast, maybe that's the reason... I read the lyrics while they were singing and it helped me.

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Same here. I could hardly pick out a single word, but then rock songs in English are rarely known for their clear enunciation or correct grammar. ;-) Previous years were much easier.


I believe wish can be used in place of want in this sentence???


'How do you want to build this post?' still marked wrong


that would be 'come vuoi costruire questo posto'

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