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  5. "Toward here or toward there?"

"Toward here or toward there?"

Translation:Itt vagy ott?

July 4, 2016



Does vagy mean both "you're" and "or"?


Cool. So is it possible to ask "jol vagy vagy nem?"


What's the difference between 'ide vagy oda' and 'itt vagy ott'?


ide / oda = to here / to there, itt / ott = here / there, so this example is not very fortunate.


But isn't it that "ide" and "oda" are used for the direction, whereas "itt" and "ott" are used for the static position?

In such case "Toward here or toward there" can be translated only as "Ide vagy oda" but not as "Itt vagy ott".

This one is thus actually incorrect, not just an unfortunate example... Or am I missing something?


I cannot come up with a context where "toward here" can mean "itt", so I'm afraid you are right, this example must be incorrect. And I say that as a native hungarian speaker.

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